Hakim Syed Asim Ali was born in Karachi in 1979  in the family of renowned Hakims of Karachi famously known as Syed Bradran . The Great  Hakim Syed Maqsood Ali Qadri is a living legend of Syed Bradran .

Hakim Syed Asim Ali acquired command  of the family profession of Tib –e-Unani (Herbal Medicines) ,under expert guidance of his family elders and  pass the examination of Fazil-e-Tib wal jarahat  in 2004 and become a registered herbal/Unani practitioner 

Hakim Syed Asim Ali is a person of inherent inner beauty, outer grace and dignity ;he is a man of exceptional character. His medical work and treatments in different diseases  is very appreciated .

Hakim  Syed Asim Ali  says:

“The main two reasons that set my heart on Tibb firstly ,Tibb is the foundation on which modern conventional medicine is based as it traces its roots to Hippocrates ,Galen and Ibn-e-Sina . Secondly and more importantly its philosophy based on the temperamental and humoural theory ,is in keeping with the Quran and Sunnah.”

 After completing his course of Fazil-e-Tib he continued to learn about Tib e Nabvi and serve his life to promote Tib e Nabvi and healing of humanity. This is a milestone to promote Tib e Nabvi that Hakeem Syed Asim Ali hosting.

Program Tib-e-Nabvi on HTV channel,  this is an informative program in which he creates awareness about health and disease and provides cure in light of Tib e Nabvi .