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LIVO Syrup is very effective and useful herbal medicine for hepatic disorders, jaundice, anemia, and liver enlargement, and liver inflammation, heart burn and bladder irritation.

LIVO Syrup Helps in restoring liver and stomach functions. Hepatoprotectant /liver protectant and helps to support liver function and also help relieve digestive disturbances / dyspepsia.

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LIVO Syrup is an advanced unique herbal formulation has following benefits:

  • Protects liver against various hepato toxins sourced mainly from regular medications for various diseases.
  • Regularizes digestion promotes appetite.
  • Acts as an excellent prophylactic for a healthy liver too Hyperacidity.
  • For fast and effective response in liver disorders.
  • Has direct action on the liver and portal system.
  • Stimulates liver functions Indicated in fatty liver and sluggish liver.
  • Useful as supportive therapy in hepatocellular jaundice and toxic liver damage.
  • Also useful in infantile jaundice Indicated in liver problems due to alcohol abuse.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Controls nausea and vomiting.

Action: LIVO Syrup is a herbal remedy for Liver disorders. Modern research shows that the components used in this syrup are highly effective for Liver disorders.

Side Effects:   No side effects reported.

Indication:  Acute and chronic liver disorders, Hepato protective, Infectious hepatitis, Fatty degeneration, fatty infiltration of the liver, Sluggish liver & loss of appetite, Liver disorder caused by excessive intake of alcohol.


Children: 5ml (1teaspoon) 2 times a day.

Adults: 10ml (2 teaspoons) 2 times a day. Or as prescribed by the physician.

Note:  Shake well before use.

LIVO Syrup should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation unless otherwise directed by a qualified

Health care provider.

Manufactured By:  Sj Herbal Laboratories.

Country of Origin: Product of Pakistan

Storage Instruction:

  • Store below 25oC in a dry and cool place.
  • Protect from heat, light and moisture.

Package/  Presentation: 120ml syrup in an amber colour pet bottle, packed in unit carton with leaflet.

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